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"John Harricharan inspires you, motivates you and teaches you. He's fantastic, absolutely fantastic. Listen to what he says."
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, bestselling author

"John Harricharan has a unique manner of helping people find their own way. His practical, down-to-earth, spiritual wisdom creates hope in your heart and a sense that things will get better. "
-- Robert "Butch" James, CEO, KDM Corporation

"John Harricharan leads us along the enchanted path of enlightenment with magic, charm, love and compassion."
--Deepak Chopra

"John is one of the most remarkable people I've ever met. His books, his lectures, his messages are all filled with practical and helpful tools that are also easy to use. I've valued his advice over the years and am grateful for his friendship."
Foster Hibbard, President, Motivational Dynamics, Inc. ( former associate of the late, Dr. Napoleon Hill, author of "Think and Grow Rich")

"John Harricharan is one of the most extraordinary people I've come in contact with. His mountain size heart and spirit will move you to higher levels of living immediately."
Mike Litman
#1 Best-Selling co-author
Conversations with Millionaires

"John, your site has the calm and quiet of still forest glades, of ancient holy places. This essence, this gentle peace, is the spirit you have somehow embodied here. You have taken what appears at first just another house of page-views and crafted it into a chapel of electrons, a refuge where business and other travelers can pause and recharge spiritually. Today's fast-forward world offers so few havens for re-centering ourselves or for re-grounding our spiritual energies. Thanks so much for making this site, John. Its quiet impact will soothe every soul who pauses here."
Charles Burke - Author of "Inside the Minds of Winners" www.sizzlingedge.com

"Your newest website just blew me away. What a wonderful combination of wisdom and kindness. Not surprising, since those two traits are exactly what you embody in everything you do. There's an old Jewish saying, 'Words that come from the heart, enter the heart.' Thank you John; for being a friend, a mentor, and just a great example of all that is right in our world."
Bob Burg, author
"Endless Referrals", "Winning Without Intimidation" and "The Success Formula"

"John Harricharan is recognized by hundreds of thousands as one of the most influential spiritual leaders of today. I am blessed to call this man both my mentor and my great friend."
Rick Beneteau - Author,
"A Large Slice of Life to Go, Please!"

"Every time I get an email from John Harricharan I literally light up! Why is that you ask? Because I know in every message I'm going to receive some valuable thought or idea that has the ability to positively impact my life in some way. Those who know me know that I don't mindlessly throw out such compliments. I've known John for a while now, and I'm a better person for the wisdom he's shared with me since our friendship began. He is a true giver in every sense of the word. John kudos to you for sharing your knowledge with others. You rock my friend! ..."
Josh Hinds - http://GetMotivation.com

"An icon in his own time, John Harricharan carries the wisdom of the ages, along with an unparalleled warmth of spirit. He is one of the Master Teachers of the world."
jl scott, ph.d., Director of iCop http://www.i-Cop.org

"I call John Harricharan the Mystic MBA, and I think of him as my shamanic business advisor. Over the years, he has introduced me to the ideas of a number of spiritual thinkers, and his counsel has already made a lasting difference in my life and my business. "
Paul Lemberg, author of "Earn Twice As Much With Half the Stress" and "Faster Than the Speed of Change". Director, Stratamax Research. www.stratamax.com

"Whether you read one of John's spiritually transforming, best selling books, consult with him personally to experience the richness of his life wisdom, or join his wonderful membership website, your life can't help but be raised to a much higher dimension. You need only hear John's mind-altering definition of success (the best gosh-darn definition I ever heard!) to know he's the man who indeed will help you delightfully discover the two necessary ingredients of "a sense of purpose" and a "touch of madness!"
Michael R. Norwood, D.C., C.C.N., ., author of the internationally acclaimed "Wealthy Soul" book series . http://www.wealthysoul.com

Practical, mystical, spiritual tips and guidelines for creating
wealth, happiness and peace.

Insight2000 Ezine is a motivational, inspirational newsletter,
which provides simple, practical guidelines for living.
If ever there was an ezine to help you through trying
times, this is it.

 Insight2000 - Ezine -- Issue # 19


* Letter From John Harricharan
* Quotes to Remember
* Article: "A Matter of Inspiration"
* Five Tips to Help You Along the Way
* Schedule John to Speak at Your Next Meeting
* Poem: "Just for Today"
* A Very Special Offer
* Resources, Recommendations and Comments


Dear Reader:

Your personal copy of Insight2000 newsletter is here.
This newsletter is designed to help shed some light on
solving your problems, on moving from one point to
another even when it appears that motion itself is

The article, "A Matter of Inspiration" will help you to
deal with each day as it comes. Sometimes the world
looks bleak and it takes courage and inspiration to
keep on keeping on. This is when we need good, mental
self-defense techniques.

The feature article will give you a few self-defense
tools to help you survive and prosper when it seems
that there is no hope. After you read it, send a copy
to someone near and dear who could benefit from it?

The "constant" in all things is "change". After many
years at my current address, I am finally moving. I
usually don't enjoy the process, but it gives me an
opportunity to relinquish many material things I've
accumulated over time. To read more about this and how
it will benefit you see the "Very Special Section"
later on in this newsletter.

Thank you. And now on to the newsletter.

". . . the universe gives to those who plug in.
Mediocrity is self-inflicted and genius is
self-bestowed. We should cultivate the silence, and
when we are alone, the universe will talk to us in
flashes of inspiration."
--Eric Butterworth

"We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself the
means of inspiration and survival."
--Sir Winston Churchill

A John Harricharan Article

Legend has it that Robert the Bruce of Scotland was
losing the battle and he barely escaped with his life.
His soldiers were hard pressed to keep up the fight as
many were wounded and dying. The Bruce, tired, dismayed
and broken-hearted found a hidden cave where he took

He threw down his sword and sat to rest a while. Gloomy
thoughts filled his mind and he reflected on the
insurmountability of the task he had tried to
accomplish. Perhaps Scotland would never be free -- at
least not in his lifetime. Perhaps he should abandon
all efforts, give it up and lead an obscure life as a

As these thoughts raced through his mind, out of the
corner of his eye, he noticed a tiny spider trying to
climb a strand of web that extended from the top of the
cave almost to the floor. Up went the spider and just a
few feet from the top, it slipped and fell all the way

Over and over again the spider repeated the process as
the exhausted Bruce watched, fascinated by the
perseverance of the little life form. Once again the
spider climbed, this time almost reaching the top.
Again it slipped and fell to the floor of the cave.

Now with rapt attention, Robert the Bruce watched to
see its next move. A few more tries and finally, with
one quick dash, the spider reached the ceiling.

The Bruce slowly got up, picked up his sword, cleared
the depressing thoughts from his mind and went back
into the battle, inspired by the strength, will and
perseverance of such a tiny creature as a spider. The
rest is history. The battle was won and the Bruce was,
once more, the triumphant, gallant leader of his

There are times when everything in life seems dark and
dreary. There are those times when we feel we are
totally unable to take the next step or to even move
one inch. These are precisely the times when we most
need inspiration.

Why inspiration? It helps recharge our energy when all
seems hopeless. It gives us encouragement when our
"spiritual well has gone dry".

The dictionary gives different meanings to the word,
"inspiration". But I think "inspiration" actually means
divine messages from the Universe. There are many
sources of inspiration and I want to list a few of them

1) Nature -- In the middle of the worst crisis, we
could take a few minutes to clear our minds and look up
to the sky or the stars. A little walk in the park or
in the woods will do wonders for the body, mind and
spirit. Breathe in the fresh air, watch the ripples on
a pond or river, get inspired by the sheer magnificence
of Nature.

2) Music -- Listen to some music you really like. The
sound will take your mind to another place and you'll
find that miracles can occur.

3) Books and tapes -- Spend a little time absorbed in a
good book. And I don't mean just self-help or spiritual
books. It could be any book that engages your mind and
thoughts. For example, when things seem really gloomy
to me, I'd read one of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan
tales. For me, that works. For you, it might mean a
totally different type of book.

And audio tapes, CD's, video tapes and DVD's have been
a wonderful gift from technology. Just the other day I
watched the movie, Richard Bach's "Jonathan Livingston
Seagull" on my video player. Shortly thereafter, I
watched the western movie, "They Call Me Trinity" on my
DVD player. Talk about being recharged! I was able to
face the seeming impossible and come out smiling.

4) Friends -- We are fortunate if we have a few good
friends. Somebody once asked me if I told my friends
about something I was very involved with. I smiled and
answered, "Yes, I told them all -- both of them." Real
friends are few and far between, but they can be a
tremendous help to you by just being there and

There are other sources of inspiration and I am sure
you can come up with your own list that works for you.
For example, take a long drive, go fishing, bake some
cookies, paint a picture or make some pottery. The
point is simple. Use all the sources of inspiration
available to get you through your tough times -- to
help you, not only to overcome but to prosper.

Remember, the Universe is on your side. Just give it a
chance to show its magnificence in your life. Happiness
should always be our most important goal. All else is
secondary. Lift up your eyes and look beyond your
troubles. Perhaps you'll see a whole new, beautiful day
dawning for you. It's there. Go for it.


Here are five tips to help you along the way:

1) If you normally put on your left shoe first before
you go out, try to put the right one on first for the
next seven days. Of course, if you usually put the
right one on first, reverse the process. Then every
week, reverse the procedure. This little exercise will
force you to create new memory paths in the mind and
make it a bit easier for you to accept change.

2) Try sitting still for a few minutes, once or twice
or even three times a day. During this period, let your
mind wander to clouds floating across the skies. This
will get you accustomed to changing focus. And clouds
are lovely things, they imply freedom from worries.

3) Everyday, no matter how busy you are, make it a
habit to read at least one page from a good book.

4) Relax before going to sleep. Do not take the day's
anxieties to bed with you. If you relax, your dreams
will start providing you with important information,
which will be useful in your waking life. Dream time is
as important as waking time.

5) Smile at someone at least once a day, even when you
don't feel like smiling. And then, if the opportunity
arises, say something encouraging to another person who
seems to need it.

These five tips are simplicity itself, but if you make
them a habit, you'll find your days becoming less
stressful and more productive.


"I learned . . . that inspiration does not come like a
bolt, nor is it kinetic, energetic striving, but it
comes to us slowly and quietly and all the time, though
we must regularly and every day give it a little chance
to start flowing, prime it with a little solitude and
--Brenda Ueland

"I decided that it was not wisdom that enabled [poets]
to write their poetry, but a kind of instinct or
inspiration, such as you find in seers and prophets who
deliver all their sublime messages without knowing in
the least what they mean."

If you're interested in having John speak to your
organization on the topic "Three Minutes, Three Steps
to Solving Your Problems", or any related topic, please
call at 770-591-7650 or email John at:

POEM: "Just for Today"
Sometimes we fume and fret and frown
To pave with gold our way.
I seek not for the golden round
Just strength to live today.

Today to live and do my part
To help my fellow man,
To give from deep within my heart
The goodness that I can.

--John Harricharan


The "constant" in all things is "change". After many
years at my current address, I am finally moving. I
usually don't enjoy the process, but it gives me an
opportunity to relinquish many material things I've
accumulated over of time.

I still have boxes from my previous moves that are
unopened. I have no idea what they contain, but I've
always felt that the contents were valuable to me.

Imagine my surprise when I looked into those old boxes
and found outdated college books, 20-year-old bank
statements, bandaids, pencils, a remote control for a
TV, which I don't even remember having. The time has
come for a thorough uncluttering. But my move also
brings opportunities for others. Let me explain.

The holidays are almost upon us and we'll all be
looking for gifts for friends and relatives. One of the
easiest and most rewarding gifts to give is a good book
or two.

While preparing for this move, I've come upon a few
boxes of new, HarperCollins edition of my award-winning
best selling books, "When You Can Walk on Water, Take
the Boat" and "Morning Has Been All Night Coming". I am
making these copies available to Insight2000 newsletter
subscribers at a ridiculously low price of $10 for both

Yes, you read that correctly! Ten dollars (US) for the
beautiful HarperCollins, quality paperback edition of
"When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat" and
"Morning Has Been All Night Coming". But that's not
all, I'll pay the postage (book rate) to anywhere in
the continental US. Sorry I can't pay the postage for
foreign addresses, but you can email me for mailing
rates, if you are interested.

You get two books, you only pay $10 and shipping is
free to US addresses. To make this a fair offer for
everyone, I am limiting the number of books you can
order to six of each title. This is so that everyone
has a chance to get these magnificent volumes for
gift-giving or personal libraries.

To find out more about this fantastic offer and how to
take advantage of it, please visit the special webpage
set up for you at:


When this limited number of books is gone, I'll take
down the webpage and this offer will end.


"The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand,
nor the kindly smile nor the joy of companionship; it
is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when he
discovers that someone else believes in him and is
willing to trust him."
--Ralph Waldo Emerson

"If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking.
Angels whisper to a person when he goes for a walk."
--Raymond Inmon

(These are not ads. I am not paid to include these
suggestions here. I do this because I firmly believe
these resources and recommendations could be of great
value to you.)
Visit Rick Beneteau's and Linda Carrol's site:
Spend some time there and read some of the material
offered. You'll find such luminaries as Butch James,
Bob Scheinfeld, Paul Lemberg, Yanik Silver, Charles
Burke, Foster Hibbard and others. And, of course, yours
faithful. Not to be missed.
Get a free digital copy of Paul Lemberg's book "Earn
Twice As Much With Half The Stress" Go to:
With the holidays approaching, some of you have asked
if I have gift certificates for private consultations.
The answer is yes, definitely yes. If you would like to
find out more about my private consultations, go to:
For information on my special report on intuition, go
to: http://www.insight2000.com/intuitionreport . Using
the seven simple methods for developing your intuitive
abilities could change your life fast.
Join my private, membership site where you get
information that will help you meet and deal with your
daily problems. You'll find sound files not available
anywhere else (yes, there are some of the rare Foster
Hibbard's audio files there). Also, there are articles,
poetry, and downloadable books -- and much, much more.
Do yourself a favor and visit:
Please tell your friends about Insight2000 newsletter.
Ask them to sign up for their own copy at:
While there, they could download a digital copy of my
book, "When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat". They
will thank you for sharing this information with them.

This newsletter is brought to you by
John Harricharan (john@insight2000.com)

Remember: "The old order changeth, yielding place to
the new; and God fulfills Himself in many ways, lest
one good custom should corrupt the world --Tennyson".


Copyright 2003, John Harricharan. All rights reserved.
Feel free to pass this newsletter in its entirety to
anyone you wish.

Special Note: I never sell, trade or give your email
address to others. Your information is always kept in
the strictest confidence. You have my word on that.


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