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"John Harricharan inspires you, motivates you and teaches you. He's fantastic, absolutely fantastic. Listen to what he says."
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, bestselling author

"John Harricharan has a unique manner of helping people find their own way. His practical, down-to-earth, spiritual wisdom creates hope in your heart and a sense that things will get better. "
-- Robert "Butch" James, CEO, KDM Corporation

"John Harricharan leads us along the enchanted path of enlightenment with magic, charm, love and compassion."
--Deepak Chopra

"John is one of the most remarkable people I've ever met. His books, his lectures, his messages are all filled with practical and helpful tools that are also easy to use. I've valued his advice over the years and am grateful for his friendship."
Foster Hibbard, President, Motivational Dynamics, Inc. ( former associate of the late, Dr. Napoleon Hill, author of "Think and Grow Rich")

"John Harricharan is one of the most extraordinary people I've come in contact with. His mountain size heart and spirit will move you to higher levels of living immediately."
Mike Litman
#1 Best-Selling co-author
Conversations with Millionaires

"John, your site has the calm and quiet of still forest glades, of ancient holy places. This essence, this gentle peace, is the spirit you have somehow embodied here. You have taken what appears at first just another house of page-views and crafted it into a chapel of electrons, a refuge where business and other travelers can pause and recharge spiritually. Today's fast-forward world offers so few havens for re-centering ourselves or for re-grounding our spiritual energies. Thanks so much for making this site, John. Its quiet impact will soothe every soul who pauses here."
Charles Burke - Author of "Inside the Minds of Winners" www.sizzlingedge.com

"Your newest website just blew me away. What a wonderful combination of wisdom and kindness. Not surprising, since those two traits are exactly what you embody in everything you do. There's an old Jewish saying, 'Words that come from the heart, enter the heart.' Thank you John; for being a friend, a mentor, and just a great example of all that is right in our world."
Bob Burg, author
"Endless Referrals", "Winning Without Intimidation" and "The Success Formula"

"John Harricharan is recognized by hundreds of thousands as one of the most influential spiritual leaders of today. I am blessed to call this man both my mentor and my great friend."
Rick Beneteau - Author,
"A Large Slice of Life to Go, Please!"

"Every time I get an email from John Harricharan I literally light up! Why is that you ask? Because I know in every message I'm going to receive some valuable thought or idea that has the ability to positively impact my life in some way. Those who know me know that I don't mindlessly throw out such compliments. I've known John for a while now, and I'm a better person for the wisdom he's shared with me since our friendship began. He is a true giver in every sense of the word. John kudos to you for sharing your knowledge with others. You rock my friend! ..."
Josh Hinds - http://GetMotivation.com

"An icon in his own time, John Harricharan carries the wisdom of the ages, along with an unparalleled warmth of spirit. He is one of the Master Teachers of the world."
jl scott, ph.d., Director of iCop http://www.i-Cop.org

"I call John Harricharan the Mystic MBA, and I think of him as my shamanic business advisor. Over the years, he has introduced me to the ideas of a number of spiritual thinkers, and his counsel has already made a lasting difference in my life and my business. "
Paul Lemberg, author of "Earn Twice As Much With Half the Stress" and "Faster Than the Speed of Change". Director, Stratamax Research. www.stratamax.com

"Whether you read one of John's spiritually transforming, best selling books, consult with him personally to experience the richness of his life wisdom, or join his wonderful membership website, your life can't help but be raised to a much higher dimension. You need only hear John's mind-altering definition of success (the best gosh-darn definition I ever heard!) to know he's the man who indeed will help you delightfully discover the two necessary ingredients of "a sense of purpose" and a "touch of madness!"
Michael R. Norwood, D.C., C.C.N., ., author of the internationally acclaimed "Wealthy Soul" book series . http://www.wealthysoul.com

Practical, mystical, spiritual tips and guidelines for creating
wealth, happiness and peace.

Insight2000 Ezine is a motivational, inspirational newsletter,
which provides simple, practical guidelines for living.
If ever there was an ezine to help you through trying
times, this is it.

 Insight2000 - Ezine -- Issue # 20


* Letter From John Harricharan
* Quotes to Remember
* Article: "A Matter of Moving"
* Schedule John to Speak at Your Next Meeting
* Poem: "Eternity"
* Guest article: "The Golden Key to Riches"
* A Very Special Announcement
* Resources, Recommendations and Comments


Dear Reader:

Your personal copy of Insight2000 newsletter is here.
This newsletter is designed to help shed some light on
solving your problems, on moving from one point to
another even when it appears that motion itself is

The article, "A Matter of Moving", is my end-of-year
reflection on the many changes we encounter. It will
help you deal with daily challenges and it's a good
article to read, especially as we move into a new year.
After you read it, send a copy to someone near and dear
who could benefit from it.

Make sure you read the guest article, "The Golden Key
to Riches". This is the one, inspirational article you
need to start the new year. It is one of those rare,
special articles written by my late friend, Foster
Hibbard. Foster was the associate of Dr. Napoleon Hill
and for a while, ran the Napoleon Hill Academy in
California. It is my privilege and an honor to have
known Foster. His writings and his advice have
profoundly influenced my life.

I have moved to my new address and am in the middle of
unpacking the many boxes strewn all over the place.
Things that seemed so important at one time are no
longer so important to me now. The uncluttering of
one's house is important, but much more important is
the uncluttering of one's mind.

My thanks to all of you who took advantage of my
special holiday offer and ordered my books for gifts. I
trust they arrived in time for the gift-giving season.
We still have a few boxes remaining that I didn't
discover until after the move. So if anyone wants to
order more of these fine books, please go to the link


Those of you who have written me over the past several
weeks and did not get an answer, please accept my
apologies. Because of the move, we've encountered a
number of email problems and it is very possible that
your email never reached me.

The over-abundance of spam and filters may have caused
many of you to not receive my newsletters and special
mailings. This is the last newsletter you'll be
receiving through the old system. In a few weeks, I'll
be switching to an entirely new and more efficient way
of sending out Insight2000 newsletters.

Those who want to continue receiving my newsletters are
asked to go to this website and sign up again:


After you re-subscribe, please note that you'll receive
an email asking you to confirm your subscription by
clicking on a link in the email. This way, I'll be sure
you want to continue receiving my newsletters. I'll be
sending a reminder out in the next two weeks. I'll be
delighted to continue having you as a reader and a

And now I wish all of you a wonderful journey through
the holiday season into the beginning of a glorious and
prosperous new year.

Thank you. Now on to the newsletter.

"God made the world round so we would never be able to
see too far down the road."
--Isak Dinesen

"One day at a time-this is enough. Do not look back and
grieve over the past, for it is gone; and do not be
troubled about the future, for it has not yet come.
Live in the present, and make it so beautiful that it
will be worth remembering."
--Ida Scott Taylor

A John Harricharan Article

As many times as I've changed residences, moved from
one state to another, even moved from country to
country, I've been filled with a mixture of
apprehension and excitement.

For many of us, just moving from day to day, month to
month or year to year creates a similar anxiety or a
subtle excitement. It doesn't matter whether we move in
time or we move in space, there is one constant --

It seems a contradiction to say that the only permanent
thing we encounter in our daily lives is change, but
change is what it's all about.

The process of growing from a child into a teenager and
then into an adult is one that's constantly filled with
change. There is an urge written deep within us, in our
very genes and spirit, to grow and change and become
the best we can.

Sometimes the urge is buried under tons of daily woes
or in the joys of the moment, but it is there,
nevertheless. Many of us fear change because we are
fearful of the unknown.

My old friend, Deepak Chopra, once told me that it is
not the unknown we should be afraid of, but, instead,
the known. The unknown is what will become the known as
we pour our hearts and minds into it. I go a step
further and say we should not fear either the known or
the unknown.

Whatever appears to be happening to us now, whatever
the future seems to hold for us, we must remember that
we have the power to change everything in our lives by
a simple stroke of genius -- changing the way we look
at things and, more important, changing the way we feel
about things.

Reality is actually the interpretation of a point of
view. If we do not like what seems to be our lot in
life, we have but to change the way we look at our life
and we'll change outcomes. I do not know why or how
this happens. It might even be a mystical law. But this
I know, throughout the centuries, the sages of all
cultures have said, "Change your mind and you change
your world."

For all of us, the arrival of a new year is just around
the corner. It is a good time to review the events of
the past year without dwelling on them. It is a better
time to look forward into the newness of that which is
to come and resolve to do the best you can with what
you have.

The laws of the Universe may seem complex, but I have
the feeling that is because we tend to want to analyze
those laws and figure why they work. I believe it is
much better to use those laws for our benefit and the
good of all people.

This is a thought and belief world. Whatever we think,
if we believe it strongly enough, it will become part
and parcel of our lives. Some of you may say to me,
"That's all well and good, John, but it's not easy to
change your thoughts and your beliefs."

I agree wholeheartedly. It is not easy, but it's
simple. Realize that you are NOT your thoughts. You
only THINK your thoughts. They are yours and if they
are yours, you can do with them whatever you want. Many
times we let our thoughts scare us. It's as if our
thoughts think US instead of the other way around.

And as to your beliefs, all you have to do is examine
them and ask yourself why you believe what you believe.
You may be amazed to find that your beliefs have held
you captive all these years. Perhaps those beliefs were
necessary at one time, but you may have outgrown them.
Examine what you believe about money, health or
relationships and ask yourself why you believe that.

Change your beliefs about the world and circumstances
and you'll change your thoughts about life and how it
works. If you suffer from lack, start changing your
belief about money into one of abundance and affluence.

If you are experiencing illness, look at your beliefs
about health and change them into wellness and
well-being. And if you have poor, or non-existent
relationships, change your beliefs into those of
feeling loved and worthy of all good things.

Life is a process of change. Change is what brings us
progress. Welcome change and the unknown. Let every day
be the start of a new adventure. Go into the new week,
the new year with a new you. Remember that you are a
beautiful child of the Universe and the Universe will
take good care of you if you believe, trust and expect.


"The future is not a result of choices among
alternative paths offered by the present, but a place
that is created-created first in the mind and will,
created next in activity. The future is not some place
we are going to, but one we are creating. The paths are
not to be found, but made, and the activity of making
them, changes both the maker and the destination. "
--John Schaar

"A man without a vision is a man without a future, and
a man without a future will always return to his past."

If you're interested in having John speak to your
organization on the topic "Three Minutes, Three Steps
to Solving Your Problems", or any related topic, please
call at 770-591-7650 or email John at:

POEM: "Ageless"
I have trod this path before me
Ever since this world began.
I have seen the self-same places
Through the mighty, ageless span.

When the earth was just a-borning,
When the sky above was made,
I was walking 'neath the palm trees
In Thine everlasting shade.

I have seen the wondrous morning
Of Creation's glorious day,
When I walked with the Creator
And I heard what He did say.

I can still remember strangely
When the human race was born.
I can still recall the glory
Of that first and happy morn.

Now I walk, again, this path here
And I seek the still small voice.
And I hear again the music
As worlds within rejoice.

Lovely Venus beckons onward,
Mars and myriad others call,
Like they did when first I saw them.
Now, I surely do recall.

--John Harricharan

GUEST ARTICLE: "The Golden Key to Riches"
by Foster Hibbard

The Universe never gets any larger or smaller; it is
always the same. Therefore, if you are waiting for a
larger Universe in order to get your abundance, good
luck! It is as large as it is ever going to be.

Everything already exists in the form of energy. Supply
never changes. The only thing that changes is demand.
Whatever we have at this moment, be it large or small,
good or bad, is the result of the demand that we have
placed upon the supply.

How much have you been demanding from the universal
supply? Look at all areas of your life and you will see
what you have been demanding. The Universe will never
argue with you. It wouldn't know how to argue!
Throughout all eternity it is our absolute servant,
delivering to us whatever we demand.

The Bible doesn't say, "beg, grovel, beseech, plead."
It says, "Command ye me." When we speak our words with
authority, miracles materialize in our lives. Humankind
has been given dominion over the Universe-not the
birds, animals, plants, or minerals-but humankind. The
Spirit or God-power within each of us makes us kings,
and kings don't beg. Every uttered word is a decree --
every word spoken with authority and expectancy.

Expectancy is the nearest you and I will ever come to
being creators. What we expect attracts to us through
the magnetism of the electricity that surges through
us. It draws to us whatever we are concentrating on.

Expect greater affluence! Constantly expect! Fear is a
negative form of expectancy. As it says, "that which he
feared has come upon him." He knew that the worst would
befall him, and it did. Whatever we know, we create.
Therefore, be sure that your knowing is that which you

Universal energy is neutral, neither for us nor against
us. It obeys our every thought; it obeys our every
word, our every feeling, our every action. When you
have the entire energy of the Universe awaiting your
thoughts, what thought seeds are you planting?

Constantly plant thoughts of wealth and your harvest is
assured. From this moment, let us all be more selective
with our thought seeds. There is no way that an
individual can think a simple thought without there
being an equal and opposite reaction in the Universe.

How much are you demanding for your income? Stop for a
moment and visualize an amount that is believable to
you and make a mental demand that this be your income
over the next twelve months.

Money represents freedom! Money gives us the freedom to
live where we want to live, drive what we want to
drive, wear what we want to wear, eat what we want to
eat, vacation where we want to vacation, educate our
children the way we wish. Money provides freedom.

As a child of the creator, as an expression of Infinite
Abundance, we have no right to be less than abundant.
We are a part of nature. Nature doesn't stint. The
trees, flowers, and crops give of themselves totally.

Two hundred years ago, if you had planted one grain of
wheat and you replanted each year's harvest, you would
have enough wheat to feed the world. The Universe is
infinite in its abundance-and we are a part of that
abundance. Stop stinting, stop withholding from
yourself and start accepting all that you want.

Any lack is a form of illness. All people accept the
fact that a lack of health is an illness; but few
people realize that a lack of money is also an
illness-a mental illness. We think lack; we act upon
our thoughts; we give service based upon our thoughts
and actions-and our recompense is a perfect mirrored
reflection of our thoughts.

All lack is mental first! As within, so without. We are
constantly creating our lives by thoughts, feelings and
actions. Our outer world is nothing but a mirrored
reflection of our inner world.

Since we have been told that "all that I have is
thine," there is no excuse for lack in our lives.
Whatever we feel is who we are, whatever we are is what
we have. Why don't we practice feeling affluent,
abundant, rich, and wealthy to whatever degree we want?
Get excited about money and go after it!

"To him that hath, it shall be given" simply means that
whoever has a feeling of "having" will attract more of
the same. A money consciousness is nothing more than a
feeling of "having" and this feeling is an actual
magnetism that attracts ever more money.

Practice silently repeating the word "have"-practice
feeling all that it means to you. As the feeling
becomes stronger, a growing avalanche of money will
pour in upon you from the most unexpected places. The
wealthy have a consciousness, a feeling, a magnetism, a
knowingness that wealth is theirs, that it always will
be and they attract it.

The Golden Key that unlocks the Universe to each of us
is the realization that all we have ever wanted, now
want, or will ever want lies within us.

In Russell Conwell's magnificent story, "Acres of
Diamonds," Ali Hafed sold his huge, prosperous farm to
follow his futile obsession: a search for diamonds.
Years later, every spade of earth on that farm turned
up diamonds, and with it, the discovery of the great
Golconda Diamond Mine. That which Ali Hafed sought was
right where he stood. Each of us has an acre of
diamonds filled with love, health, career success, and

Love is ours the moment we think a kind thought, speak
a kind word, extend a helping hand, bestow a gift.
Whenever we do any of these things, the beautiful
feeling of love wells up within us. Therefore, the love
we feel is a gift we have given to ourselves and lies
within, waiting to be awakened.

Health surges from within us, vitally pulsating through
every cell, tissue, and fiber of our body. The extent
to which we express it and pass it out, causes it to
flow from within like an eternal spring.

Decades have gone into the study of an electrical force
field, which surrounds every living thing. It is now
accepted that from the moment of conception a life
force surrounds the combined sperm and ovum. The
electrical field determines the personality and
character traits of that newly-conceived being:
therefore, the potentials of an ultimate career are
born with the infant.

Finally, money and service are synonymous. They are one
and the same. Service is your ideas combined with your
energy in an honest intent to help others. Money is the
comeback, the return, the reflection of your service in
a physical form. Since there is no limit to the amount
of loving service you can extend to humanity, there is
no limit to the amount of money you can attract.

Energy goes out from us in the form of service,
transforms into matter and returns to us as money.
Nothing will ever come to us unless we first give
forth. Each of us has an acre of diamonds within,
containing all of the love, health, career success and
money that we could possibly want in a lifetime.

The realization and acceptance of your own acre of
diamonds is The Golden Key that will transform hopes
into dreams, dreams into goals and goals into the
satisfying realities of a fulfilled life.


Last year, about this time, I offered my e-course on
"How to Write a Book and Make it a Bestseller". I
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If you've ever thought of writing a book and becoming
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*To help you write and publish your very own book and
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Because of the special nature of the e-class, I have to
limit registration to 15 participants. This is so that
I can give personalized attention to each and everyone.
Some of you may remember that the last time I offered
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people because the class filled up so quickly. Please
do not let that happen again. Register early.

Start your new year by giving yourself the gift of your
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"Goodbye, Old Year! Before you go
Into oblivion's starless night--
With recording book--of wrong and right;
With broken vows and words of hate;
Kind deeds, forgot--until too late--
Bless and forgive me, e're you go.
New Year, with gladness you arrive--
And with radiant torch new trails you blaze--
To fresh endeavor and better days.
Weak faith make strong, with strength to win--
Amid temptations, nor with sin.
New Year, oh, keep that faith alive.."

"Look not mournfully into the past. It comes not back
again. Wisely improve the present. It is thine. Go
forth to meet the shadowy future, without fear, and
with a manly heart."
--Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

For information on my special report on intuition, go
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This newsletter is brought to you by
John Harricharan (john@insight2000.com)

Remember: "It is a mistake to look too far ahead. Only
one link in the chain of destiny can be handled at a
time. --Winston Churchill".


Copyright 2003, John Harricharan. All rights reserved.
Feel free to pass this newsletter in its entirety to
anyone you wish.

Special Note: I never sell, trade or give your email
address to others. Your information is always kept in
the strictest confidence. You have my word on that.


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