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"John Harricharan inspires you, motivates you and teaches you. He's fantastic, absolutely fantastic. Listen to what he says."
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, bestselling author

"John Harricharan has a unique manner of helping people find their own way. His practical, down-to-earth, spiritual wisdom creates hope in your heart and a sense that things will get better. "
-- Robert "Butch" James, CEO, KDM Corporation

"John Harricharan leads us along the enchanted path of enlightenment with magic, charm, love and compassion."
--Deepak Chopra

"John is one of the most remarkable people I've ever met. His books, his lectures, his messages are all filled with practical and helpful tools that are also easy to use. I've valued his advice over the years and am grateful for his friendship."
Foster Hibbard, President, Motivational Dynamics, Inc. ( former associate of the late, Dr. Napoleon Hill, author of "Think and Grow Rich")

"John Harricharan is one of the most extraordinary people I've come in contact with. His mountain size heart and spirit will move you to higher levels of living immediately."
Mike Litman
#1 Best-Selling co-author
Conversations with Millionaires

"John, your site has the calm and quiet of still forest glades, of ancient holy places. This essence, this gentle peace, is the spirit you have somehow embodied here. You have taken what appears at first just another house of page-views and crafted it into a chapel of electrons, a refuge where business and other travelers can pause and recharge spiritually. Today's fast-forward world offers so few havens for re-centering ourselves or for re-grounding our spiritual energies. Thanks so much for making this site, John. Its quiet impact will soothe every soul who pauses here."
Charles Burke - Author of "Inside the Minds of Winners" www.sizzlingedge.com

"Your newest website just blew me away. What a wonderful combination of wisdom and kindness. Not surprising, since those two traits are exactly what you embody in everything you do. There's an old Jewish saying, 'Words that come from the heart, enter the heart.' Thank you John; for being a friend, a mentor, and just a great example of all that is right in our world."
Bob Burg, author
"Endless Referrals", "Winning Without Intimidation" and "The Success Formula"

"John Harricharan is recognized by hundreds of thousands as one of the most influential spiritual leaders of today. I am blessed to call this man both my mentor and my great friend."
Rick Beneteau - Author,
"A Large Slice of Life to Go, Please!"

"Every time I get an email from John Harricharan I literally light up! Why is that you ask? Because I know in every message I'm going to receive some valuable thought or idea that has the ability to positively impact my life in some way. Those who know me know that I don't mindlessly throw out such compliments. I've known John for a while now, and I'm a better person for the wisdom he's shared with me since our friendship began. He is a true giver in every sense of the word. John kudos to you for sharing your knowledge with others. You rock my friend! ..."
Josh Hinds - http://GetMotivation.com

"An icon in his own time, John Harricharan carries the wisdom of the ages, along with an unparalleled warmth of spirit. He is one of the Master Teachers of the world."
jl scott, ph.d., Director of iCop http://www.i-Cop.org

"I call John Harricharan the Mystic MBA, and I think of him as my shamanic business advisor. Over the years, he has introduced me to the ideas of a number of spiritual thinkers, and his counsel has already made a lasting difference in my life and my business. "
Paul Lemberg, author of "Earn Twice As Much With Half the Stress" and "Faster Than the Speed of Change". Director, Stratamax Research. www.stratamax.com

"Whether you read one of John's spiritually transforming, best selling books, consult with him personally to experience the richness of his life wisdom, or join his wonderful membership website, your life can't help but be raised to a much higher dimension. You need only hear John's mind-altering definition of success (the best gosh-darn definition I ever heard!) to know he's the man who indeed will help you delightfully discover the two necessary ingredients of "a sense of purpose" and a "touch of madness!"
Michael R. Norwood, D.C., C.C.N., ., author of the internationally acclaimed "Wealthy Soul" book series . http://www.wealthysoul.com

Practical, mystical, spiritual tips and guidelines for creating
wealth, happiness and peace.

Insight2000 Ezine is a motivational, inspirational newsletter,
which provides simple, practical guidelines for living.
If ever there was an ezine to help you through trying
times, this is it.

 Insight2000 - Ezine -- Issue # 25

--A John Harricharan Publication

Practical, helpful tips and guidelines for creating
happiness, peace and prosperity.

Issue #25


* Letter From John Harricharan
* Quotes to Remember
* Article: "A Matter of Being Still"
* Schedule John to Speak at Your Next Meeting
* Guest Article: "Flung From the Edge by a Master"
* Poem: "The Right Kind of People"
* A Very Special Announcement
* Resources, Recommendations and Comments


Dear Reader:

Even though it has been an intense past few months, the
time for another newsletter is here. In a few days, I
leave again for New York City where I'll be speaking at
Declan Dunn's seminar (http://www.RightNowSeminar.com).

Unfortunately, because of a conflict in schedule, I
will not be in Toronto as mentioned in an earlier
newsletter. But I promise my friends in Canada that I
will be visiting one of these days and I look forward
to seeing some of you.

The "PowerPause" promotion of a month or so ago started
as a small project and very soon took on worldwide
proportions. It was overwhelmingly successful and I
thank all of you for making it possible. I appreciate

Because of the PowerPause promotion, thousands of new
readers signed up for this newsletter. A hearty welcome
to all our new friends from around the world. I
appreciate all of you. Your many emails warmed my heart
and I am still trying to answer many of them. If you
haven't received a reply from me, I apologize. Some
emails got lost when our server went down for a while.

There are two important articles in today's issue. One
is called, "A Matter of Being Still." The other is a
guest article, "Flung From the Edge by a Master" by
Heather O'Hara, the author of "Axis, the Song in the
Center of the Soul" (http://www.amazon.com). I was so
moved by her writing and the way she expresses some
simple truths that I asked her permission to share this
article with Insight2000 subscribers. Each one of us is
a "master" in potential and being. Let us help one
another along the highway of life.

The poem called, "The Right Kind of People," shares
some profound wisdom in two little paragraphs. It has
served me well over the years and, I am sure, will
continue to remind me of where I should first look
before thinking of finding fault in others.

The "Quotes to Remember" are from Anita Bergen's book,
"Life and Other Options", which is available from her
website. (http://www.InspirationOnline.com). For years
Anita has been helping me find the most appropriate
quotes for this newsletter.

In the "Resources, Recommendations and Comments"
section, you will find information about a special
website, one that Heather O'Hara, author and spiritual
artist, put together for the benefit of all who are
seeking inspiration, peace and joy. I urge you to visit
her website (http://www.Quantum-Grace.com) and
subscribe to her newsletter.

And, of course, be sure you read the section called, "A
Very Special Announcement." It tells of upcoming
teleconferences that I will be holding on a regular

Thank you so very much. Now on to the newsletter.


"Sometimes being a friend means mastering the art of
timing. There is a time for silence. A time to let go
and allow people to hurl themselves into their own
destiny. And a time to prepare to pick up the pieces
when it's all over."
-- Octavia Butler

"If you have only one smile in you, give it to the
people you love. Don't be surly at home, then go out in
the street and start grinning 'Good Morning' at total
-- Maya Angelou



A John Harricharan Article

When I was much younger, I thought that education
would be the answer to all my problems, so I went about
obtaining degrees. I collected a good number of them
including a summa cum laude degree in chemistry and
mathematics, and an MBA among others. But I found that
my education, even though it helped tremendously, did
not bring real satisfaction. So I framed the
certificates and diplomas under glass, hung them in the
bathroom and wrote, "Break in Case of Emergency."

Then I started working for Fortune 500 companies and
became intrigued with those who frequented the
boardrooms of power and fame. And though a part of me
was fascinated, thrilled and even enjoyed the
trappings of power, there was something that seemed to
be missing that I couldn't put my finger on. My heart
and spirit were crying out for something that I
couldn't find in major corporations.

Still searching for the "Holy Grail," I became an
entrepreneur and built a very successful,
multi-national business with offices in the United
States, the Caribbean, Africa, India and the United
Kingdom. Life seemed good. I traveled the world, wined
and dined with leaders of industry and even leaders of
countries. I was treated as a prince, but still it all
felt empty and useless.

Wherever I sought for peace and prosperity and
happiness, I'd find prosperity without the peace or
I'd discover abundance without the happiness. Finally,
one day, as I sat on my wife's deathbed (she was only
in her thirties when she died), it became clear to me
that my happiness, peace and prosperity were not
dependent on anything external, but on that which was
within me, that which had always been with me from my
very first day on Earth.

So I started to look within me and discovered a
wonderland beyond imagination. I realized that the one
spiritual practice more important than all the others
that could bring me peace, happiness and prosperity
was the practice of going into the "silence" deep
within me. Some call it meditation or prayer, others
refer to it as contemplation or centering oneself. I
do not know what it should be called, but I think of
it as the "silence."

In the great silence within, I become renewed,
refreshed and excited to face the physical world. When
I return from my moments of silence or meditation, I
feel great waves of joy. I feel peaceful, secure and
safe. Perhaps in the depths of my being, there is a
place of beautiful silence where I meet my Creator and
where I find renewal of body, mind and spirit. Perhaps
true success and peace emanate from this silent

Many years ago, I wrote the following:

"Whenever problems seem to get the best of me,
whenever I feel them closing in on me, I go to a quiet
place that lies somewhere in my soul. I do not reason,
analyze or think. Those will come later. I simply go.
From this place of silence, I garner strength and
inspiration to stand firm in the face of fire, to be
calm in the midst of thunder. When I emerge, the world
has not changed, but I have. And in changing, a whole
new world is born."

I find that is as true today as when I first wrote it.
Success, whichever way we define it, whether by money
standards, health or happiness standards, is not a
game of chance. It springs from deep within us, from
our deepest thoughts and beliefs. It has to do with
our fears and hopes and it flows eternally from our
spiritual center of gravity.

Go into the silence within you. Try to do so a number
of times each day. Let your true self speak to you.
Listen to the "still, small voice," which is always
there. You will find calm, peace and prosperity
unknown in ordinary times. You'll find a new and
joyous path opening ahead of you and you'll be
delighted in the glorious adventures that await around
the corner.



"The great Western disease is, 'I'll be happy when
When I get the money. When I get a BMW. When I get this
job.' Well, the reality is, you never get to when. The
only way to find happiness is to understand that
happiness is not out there. It's in here. And happiness
is not next week. It's now."
-- Marshall Goldsmith

"The road to happiness lies in two simple principles:
find what it is that interests you and that you can do
well, and when you find it, put your whole soul into it
-- every bit of energy and ambition and natural ability
you have."
-- John D. Rockefeller III


If you're interested in having John speak to your
organization on the topic "Three Minutes, Three Steps
to Solving Any Problem", or any related topic, please
call 770-591-7650 or email John at:


Flung From the Edge by a Master
by Heather K. O'Hara

A great teacher is someone who inspires you to broaden
your horizons and encourages you to walk to the
furthest edge of the highest cliff, because he knows
you can touch the sky.

A great master is someone who comes along and hurls you
over the edge of the cliff, because he knows you can

The saying goes, "When the student is ready, the
teacher will appear." And I can assure you that they do
appear; in exactly the right place, at precisely the
right time-and they appear with a lesson plan amazingly
specific to the individual student. I have seen this
happen so many times in my life that I don't even think
about it anymore, but there is another part to the
saying that I had never heard until recently, that
goes, "And when the teacher is ready, the master will

The first time I ever heard this, I couldn't imagine
how I had lived my entire life without ever knowing
there was a second half to this well-known, ancient
saying. I had heard it said, possibly hundreds of
times, so why hadn't I known there was another part to
it? Perhaps I wasn't ready to reflect upon the many
levels of divine education or, perhaps I was not yet
prepared to believe in the existence of a master-a
living one, no less.

When I did finally become aware that there was a second
half to the saying, I began to wonder what the
difference was between the one called "teacher" and the
one called "master." How was I to know one from the
other? What exactly does a master look like, anyway? I
have to admit, upon asking myself these questions, I
was bombarded with visions of "he who sits upon the
mountaintop and chants beneath the stars." And my
immediate thought, should the master ever arrive on my
doorstep, was, "Please God, don't let him be wearing a
robe and sandals. I just can't do the robe and sandals
thing, not in this lifetime, anyway."

To tell you the truth, the mere thought of a master
being available upon a potential teacher's readiness
scared me to death. Maybe I don't really want to be an
inspiring speaker-poet-author, I thought. Maybe I
don't really want to teach; I could just as easily
develop a passion for basket weaving or something much
less apt to bring about the dreaded arrival of the
master! To say the least, I was worried. Very
worried. After all, I haven't eaten granola since some
time in the mid-'70s, I'm an award-winning java junkie
and I can't, for even one moment, ever imagine myself
chanting. So please, I thought, whoever, whatever, or
wherever you are-let us never mention chanting!

And then, of course, there were additional questions,
as my mind is famous for all sorts of intricate
ponderings. But the question, "How will I know if one
arrives?" seemed to be my most pressing concern at the
time. Come to find out, though, masters don't actually
"arrive," per se-they just nonchalantly leave their
doors open as if they're expecting you, and if you
happen to be in the neighborhood and find yourself
intrigued by the one door that isn't closed, you can be
reasonably sure that a master is inside waiting for
you. It's quite a mysterious thing, but I know it's
true, because not so very long ago, I walked through
just such a door-and there really was a master waiting
on the other side.

Of course, I didn't know he was a master at first. No
robe, no sandals and (thank God), no granola! As a
matter of fact, he is more "human" than one would ever
imagine. This master, the one who left the door open
for me, is a brilliant businessman, a best-selling
author, an Internet genius, an extraordinary father,
and a wonderful friend and guide. This master is an
intuitive consultant, a poet, a lecturer, and a summa
cum laude graduate with degrees in chemistry, an MBA
from Rutgers, and a doctorate in Life. He is
compassionate; he is humble; he is intelligent, kind
and wise. He has a love of great literature, a
fascination for beautiful music, a penchant for birds
and a passion for helping others. This master is
"excellence walking," "brilliance talking," a soul with
a mission--a man who, in a small village in South
America some years ago, was given the name John

Is he perched upon a mountaintop? Nope. He lives in
Atlanta. Does he chant? I think not. Is he really a
master? Yes, he is. And how do I know that? I know
because I believe I have finally figured out the
difference between a master and a teacher. A teacher
appears with a lesson and a lesson plan. A master
arrives with a message and an action plan. And
sometimes he arrives wearing a three-piece suit.

What was John Harricharan's message for me? To fly. Was
I afraid? Yes. Terrified, actually. What was his
action plan? He flung me from the edge of a cliff.

He what? He flung me from the edge of a cliff, but
first he made sure I understood the whole message.

And what was the "whole message"? Never look down.
Only up. When you look up, there's no longer anything
to be afraid of. You can't fall up, so there's no
thought of falling--only flying. And then? He did it.

He flung me from the edge of a cliff--and you know, he
was right. I didn't fall. I spread my wings and I
flew! You must have known all along you could do it.
...No, I don't think I did know, but apparently, he did.

Thank you, John Harricharan; thank you for believing in

Heather O'Hara

The Right Kind of People
by Edwin Markham

Gone is the city, gone the day,
Yet still the story and the meaning stay:
Once where a prophet in the palm shade basked
A traveler chanced at noon to rest his miles.
"What sort of people may they be," he asked,
"In this proud city on the plains o'erspread?"
"Well, friend, what sort of people whence you came?"
"What sort?" the packman scowled; "why, knaves and fools."
"You'll find the people here the same," the wise man said.

Another stranger in the dusk drew near,
And pausing, cried "What sort of people here
In your bright city where yon towers arise?"
"Well, friend, what sort of people whence you came?"
"What sort?" the pilgrim smiled,
"Good, true and wise."
"You'll find the people here the same,"
The wise man said.



"People have a hard time achieving happiness in their
lives. They tend to get wrapped up in their own little
world. People get confused because they do not know
what they need or want, and then depression sets in.
Dogs do not have this problem. They know exactly what
makes them happy - doing something for someone. They
will do everything they can think of to please their
human companion, and any signs that they have been
successful make them very happy."
-- John Richard Stephens

"When you get to the end of all the light you know and
it's time to step into the darkness of the unknown,
faith is knowing that one of two things shall happen:
either you will be given something solid to stand on,
or you will be taught how to fly."
-- Edward Teller


"What is the use of running when we are not on the
right road?"
-- German Proverb


Thanks to all who took the time to fill in the short
survey form I mentioned in the last issue of this
newsletter. Your feedback has helped me tremendously in
finding out whether I should plan to have
teleconferences or not.

For years many of my readers have been asking me about
this, but I've always put it off with the thought that
most people would not be interested in teleconferences.
Well, I was pleasantly surprised at the overwhelming
response, worldwide, to the idea of having an
interactive teleconference once a month.

Here's your opportunity to become part of a special
group -- a private lecture group -- with me every

The teleseminar topics will vary from month to month,
but all will include creative, inspiring lessons for
dealing with life's major challenges. Live questions
and answers will be a part of each teleseminar.

Sometime soon, I'll send an email to all Insight2000
subscribers giving details of my upcoming
teleconferences. So watch your inbox. I think you'll be
glad you did.


Do you want to find a wonderful website where each page
seems to be a beautiful oasis, filled with peace, joy
and serenity? A website that you'd want to visit often?
Heather O'Hara, author of "Axis -- The Song in the
Center of the Soul" has created just such a place.

It costs nothing but a few moments of your time to
visit. You will find yourself inspired and motivated
beyond belief after you've had a chance to read her
writings, share her wisdom and enjoy the beautiful art.
It's certainly one of my favorite spots on the web.
While you are there, sign up for her free newsletter.
You'll be glad you did. I was one of the first 100

Go to http://www.quantum-grace.com


Check out EnterprisingSpirit.com, my private,
membership site where you'll find information that will
help you meet and deal with your daily problems. You'll
find sound files not available anywhere else (yes,
you'll find some of the rare Foster Hibbard's audio
files there). Also, there are articles, poetry, and
downloadable books -- and much, much more. Do yourself
a favor and visit:



Anita Bergen's book, "Life and Other Options" is one
ebook you'll want to read and reread as often as
possible. It is a downloadable book and you can get
your own copy by going to her website at:
http://www.InspirationOnLine.com (I wrote the
introduction for this book).


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information with them.

Remember: "When ego shouts louder than reason, and
reason demands to be heard, become quiet and listen for
spirit-the spirit which softly whispers the truth
you've always known."
--Anita Bergen


Copyright 2005, John Harricharan. All rights reserved.
Feel free to pass this newsletter in its entirety to
anyone you wish.

Special Note: I never sell, trade or give your email
address to others. Your information is always kept in
the strictest confidence. You have my word on that.


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