"Beyond the knowledge of business and its complexities, way beyond the expertise of marketing gurus, there is a place where the seeds of success germinate. Find this place and your marketing results will shine with brilliance."

--John Harricharan

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John and the Champ, Muhammad Ali at one of the camera sessions


A more relaxed moment for John and Muhammad


John and Muhammad Ali kidding around


John still thinks he can beat the Champ. Not in this lifetime


Governor Terry Branstad of Iowa and John at breakfast before one of John's keynote speeches


John and Ed Bradley (of CBS 60 Minutes) at a fund-raiser at the Pierre in New York City


John and Deepak Chopra in the early days


Deepak and John relaxing under the shade of a giant of the forest in Bali, Indonesia

Foster Hibbard, associate and friend of the late Dr. Napoleon Hill (and forever friend of John)

Brad and Sherry Hansen Steiger, bestselling authors (Brad wrote the introduction for my first book)

John (center) introducing Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and Deepak Chopra to each other


John and Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, bestselling author and lecturer, converse during a break at a joint lecture


(left to right) The fantastic Brad Steiger, the Amazing Kreskin, the regular John H and the efficient Anita


John and Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, bestselling author of "On Death and Dying" and many other books




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